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Baikal Trail Adventures

North Baikal

About us

About Us

We are happy people, because we were lucky enough to have been born and live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Our parents' hearts called them here as young people in the 1970's. They came with the dream to build a beautiful city on the shore of Baikal, which would become the center of environmental tourism in the Baikal region.

We know all of the most extraordinary places around the northern Baikal region, and we organize each trip with care and complete responsibility for the primeval nature of Baikal. We aim to arrange everything so that our guests meet with the wonderful and the amazing.

We make trips rich and unforgettable and adventures interesting and safe.

Anna Maryasova Alena Maryasova Evgeni Maryasov
Klavdia Selezneva Semen Maryasov

Contact Information:

Please contact us with questions about arranging accomodation, hikes, excursions, guides, and transportation:

Evgeni Maryasov +7 924 391 4514
E-mail: baikalinfo@gmail.com


Phone: +7 924 391 4514
E-mail: baikalinfo@gmail.com