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North Baikal





Severobaikalsk is a great starting point for hikes around Northern Baikal. The region is popular with outdoorsy Russian groups, but it’s not yet well known among international backpackers. We recommend visiting three short, accessible trails, which allow you to see the beauty of the local nature in a short period of time. These trails have been built over the past five years with the help of volunteers from around the world as part of the Great Baikal Trail (GBT). You can find more information about the GBT and international volunteer camps on Baikal, which are open to both Russians and foreigners, on the site http://www.greatbaikaltrail.org 
The first picturesque trail, the “Path to Boguchany” (18 km. each way), will take you along the northwestern shore of Baikal. This trail is interesting due to its varied landscapes. The trail ends in the historical Russian village of Baikalskoe, which was formerly known as «Goremyka.» 
Another trail, the “Trail to the Past” (5 km. each way), is laid out along an old horse path, once used every day by Gulag prisoners to climb to the Mica mines over Lake Slyudyanskoe. The trail, which was reconstructed in memory of the victims of Stalinist repression, leads you to some beautiful lookout points over Lake Baikal. 
You can also take a boat for two hours to the thermal baths at “Khakusi” and the trail «Shaman-Kit,” which takes you 8 km. each way through the woods to a cave on the northeastern shore of Baikal.
It is possible to hike all the trails on your own, but we can also arrange for you to be accompanied by an experienced guide.

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