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Northern Baikal is not so cold.


The February and Mach is a beautiful time on the lake! It is not very cold (-15 ° C on average) and lots of sun. 


Severobaikalsk the centre from which you can make 1 day trips to all 4 corners of the world. 


To the North - Evenki (indigenous people). Interactive program in the children's ethnic center and walk through ecological paths with a local guide in the village Kholodnoe ,then visit the hot spring Dzelinda. Requires a guide with a car. 


To the South. Interesting excursion to the village of Baikalskoe,where they live fishermen and hunters, and there are eco-trails for a hike (part of Great Baikal Trail) from 2 to 20 km (as you like). There  landscapes and archaeological sites and in the time you can walk on the ice of lake Baikal. In the village guests can try local food with fish and pies. Two options: either on a regular bus independently or with a guide in his car. 


To the West are also actiregularis taxis (minibuses) and you can go to hot springs Gojackit, where there is a small ski center ( skiing, snowboarding, tube).You can also guide tours in wild taiga,followed by a dip in a hot spring and have lunch in the cafe. 


To the East across lake Baikal on the ice (45 km) can be reached in wild places - zabaikalski national Park and the resort of hot spring Khakusy. But there are only two safe ways: on foot or on a special transport, which does not fail under the ice. It is expensive and requires a group of tourists. If you are lucky,you can join this group. Many people drive their cars. But it's unofficial and often dangerous. For example, photo safe transport (attached)


If You have 4-5 days,maybe an interesting journey into the Evenki reindeer farm in the mountains.  http://www.privet-baikal.ru/chilchegir/  sorry,russion ounly.


And after the activity in nature, it is very pleasant to drink a cup of real coffee in the coffee shop at Semen - GEOGRAPHY OF COFFEE (ul. Parkovaya , 6A). https://www.instagram.com/geo_coffee/ https://vk.com/geo_coffee


 Please inform the exact dates of your stay in the North of lake Baikal and I will be able to offer something more specific. 


All the best, Eugene.

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